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How We Guarantee Results for Business and Finance Professionals
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One way The Language Grid is unique compared to other ESL classes is that we’re results driven. We have a 100% success rate and our business English courses are proven to help professionals communicate effectively. This is important because we help people achieve their objectives while helping companies maximize return on investment in language training.

Here’s how we do it.


1. Real-time benchmarking

We assess your language skills on the Common European Framework at the beginning of the course and then on an annual basis. However, our sophisticated digital platform enables you to check progress at every stage. There’s a short assessment every month, which trainers grade in real time. Students can then track their progress on The Language Grid leaderboard.

Importantly, the metrics are linked to business outcomes. For example, it takes a mother-tongue English speaker 2 minutes to draft a paragraph in an email, while a student at CEF Level 1 takes 24 minutes to perform the same task. Leveraging proprietary data like this, we benchmark relevant achievements throughout the learning process.


2. Flexible approach

Time is one of the biggest barriers business and finance professionals have when it comes to English classes. With most ESL programs, you waste approximately 25% of your investment because scheduling conflicts mean you must cancel lessons.

We make sure you never lose a lesson for this reason. You can always swap lesson times or conduct your session over video chat or phone, so you get every hour of instruction you pay for.


3. Evidence-based methodology

We’ve optimized our methodology by analyzing data from thousands of students. As a result, we fine-tune everything from course length to our use of AI and digital learning to guarantee success.

Each student has a Personal Learning Plan that blends methods and activities, including one-to-one lessons, double teacher training, interactive workshops and team teaching. Modules promote well-rounded business English, covering practical skills and giving the confidence to use English effectively day to day.


4. Optimal combination of digital learning and face-to-face instruction

Under our flipped learning model, there’s no homework. Instead, you prepare for face-to-face lessons using the interactive tools on our digital platform, which we have developed over 8 years and with €300,000 of investment.

Lesson preparation takes just 5 minutes a day and can be done by mobile, so it’s easy to incorporate into your routine. This helps end the frustration and boredom often associated with learning English – and helps busy professionals stay on top of their studies.

All our trainers are born in English-speaking countries, hold a TEFL certification and have experience of teaching in a company context. They’re university educated with qualifications at graduate or postgraduate level in disciplines relevant to the banking and finance sectors. This way, you get the cultural knowledge and business understanding that helps you use English effectively in the situations that you find yourself on a daily basis.


5. Focus on effectiveness over grammar

ESL courses often focus heavily on theory and grammar, meaning students can read English but can’t use it in real-life business scenarios. We bridge the gap between learning and applying English by using an approach that develops practical skills.

Our syllabus incorporates projects with multinational companies and informal events to build ability and confidence. And each module focuses on useful learning outcomes, like introducing yourself to a new person, responding to requests for information, asking people to clarify a response, or persuading people to your point of view.

Our business English courses have direct business benefits

We have students who become eligible for international transfers (and take their careers to a new level) because they’ve finally achieved the required English competency. And others have been able to do MBAs because they can prove the necessary CEF level.

And then there are the day-to-day benefits, like achieving a better meeting outcome, writing more effective emails faster, and giving more compelling presentations.

As Alessandro Mercuri, Equity Partner at Deloitte Consulting Italy, said: “Over the last 8 years, many Deloitte professionals have attended TLG courses, and our business with foreign companies has more than tripled. TLG is not only a partner, TLG is part of the Deloitte value chain.”

Zoe Flaherty, Founding Director of The Language Grid

Contact us to learn how we can help your business.

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