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The Blended Approach to Learning Business English (& Why It Works)
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When it comes to learning how to present, network, email or participate in meetings and conference calls in English, the evidence points to the importance of following a blended approach.

This means not just working with a teacher and textbooks, and not just using an online tool or app. Instead, you get the best results when you have the right combination of digital learning and face-to-face training.

Read on to learn more about the blended learning approach and how it contributes to our 100% success rate for business and finance professionals.

Combining interactive content with face-to-face business English instruction

We’ve been delivering business English language training using a blended approach for over 8 years. During that time, we’ve analyzed data from thousands of students, which we’ve used to optimize our methodology and guarantee success. And we’ve found that students achieve the best results when their time is split equally between digital learning and face-to-face sessions.

Our €500,000, cutting-edge digital learning platform enables us to make use of the latest and most relevant technology – including interactive workshops and benchmarking – to support your learning.

Equally important is face-to-face time with qualified instructors. All our trainers are mother-tongue English speakers with relevant qualifications. However, they’re not restricted to conventional teaching styles or pre-written texts. Instead, they’re flexible and personal in their approach – supporting you as you acquire the English skills you need for cross-border business.

Ensuring ongoing motivation through a variety of teaching styles and techniques

Collectively, our trainers make up what we think of as a community of experts helping you reach your goals. Rotating who delivers your face-to-face training is essential to the success of our blended approach – and is therefore an intentional element of our program.

Having a variety of trainers ensures you’re able to practice your skills with different accents, cultures and personalities – mirroring the real-life business scenarios you inevitably encounter during day-to-day work. You get a deep understanding of the nuances involved in communicating with a range of English speakers, so you can easily add touches that make a big difference to relationship building and rapport.

As a student at The Language Grid, you’re the responsibility of all our trainers. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to scheduling and you have a range of people motivating you through their unique styles. It takes a village to empower a student!

Optimizing results with flipped learning

Flipped learning is integral to the success of our blended learning approach because it helps us make the best use of your time - both when you're working independently and with your trainer.

The traditional teaching model is where you’re taught new concepts in the classroom and then go home to practice. With flipped learning, this is inverted. You discover and explore new skills using the interactive activities on our digital platform before the lesson, when it’s convenient for you. Everything’s structured in bite-size chunks so it’s easy to review them when you have a spare 5 minutes at lunch, when you’re commuting or in the evening. Concepts are put in the context of business skills and bring in Anglophonic culture and customs.

Then you arrive at your lessons equipped to apply this knowledge. You work through actual business scenarios like writing, presenting and leading conference calls, so you get targeted help where you need it. By focusing on learning by doing (rather than getting fixated on grammar or theory), your trainers challenge you to achieve the best possible results.

Innovating in the training arena

These days, ‘innovation’ is an overused term. However, our approach to digital training is truly innovative thanks to this blended approach – and our students benefit as a result.

Our courses are specifically designed to maximize teacher contact time and work flexibly with the busy schedules of business and finance professionals.

The digital element keeps you motivated and shows your real-time progress. And your trainers use a wealth of inspirational techniques that empower you to use English confidently in your everyday working life. As one student said:

“TLG is not about ‘learning a language.’ It’s about effective communication: adopting Anglophone culture, style and behavior. It’s a real-life experience. Our meetings are about my transition as an Italian English speaker to a more natural English communicator. Courses are not focused on the academic, but on real everyday needs.”

Zoe Flaherty, Founding Director of The Language Grid

Learn more about The Language Grid’s blended approach to learning business English - and how it contributes to our 100% success rate.

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