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Why learn our way?
Learning is a process not a product. That’s why, as a digital company, we focus on using tools that optimize the learning process rather than textbooks and pencils.


We can think of language as being stored on the right hand side of our brains.


Our mother-tongue language lives in the right side of our brain.


When we learn a new language, it goes into the left side of our brain.

Second language

Our method facilitates the second language’s passage from the left side to the right side of the brain.

While The Language Grid is known for distinctive creativity, visible results and productivity, there is another less visible part of our "difference:" helping you translate your language needs into customized solutions that have a noticeable impact.


We use specific processes to help you move away from problems, towards solutions.


These are supported by The Language Grid learning principles:


Take on a serious, results focused program.


Put a shared vision into action.


Results and growth guaranteed.


Leverage is achieved when user confidence is instilled.

How we generate effective learning

Attention is given to a topic, creating cognitive motivation.
Language is used in order to fulfill task.
Language is learned through use of language during task and cognitive motivation.

Studying alone will not help you to speak English.

Without student engagement and genuine interest, there are no results.

Doing and interacting stimulates the brain to be active and attentive: this is when cognitive processes are at their best.

Only when language skills are being actively stimulated by this cognitive process can they be acquired.

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