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TLG is  committed to maintaining its reputation as a revolutionising training company. The values we hold are fundamental to the success of the company and the integrity of all parties involved.

It is TLG’s policy to deliver our services to the highest quality, focusing on client satisfaction and results. We are committed to meeting or exceeding client expectations whilst also seeking to minimise the environmental impacts associated with the design, and delivery of our services. TLG's Quality and environmental policy will not be jepordised under any circumstance. We aim to achieve this with a fully integrated and committed workforce who desires to be the Best.

Our quality and environmental objectives and targets are contained within the Quality and Environmental Management System, and communicated to all employees.

We are committed to:

  • Conducting regular management reviews to ensure we are reviewing objectives and targets and continually improving the effectiveness and performance of our Management System.

  • Maintaining our Quality and Environmental Management System and complying with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

  • Being at the forefront of new and innovative training philosophies.

  • Being proactive about our environmental activities, encouraging collaboration with all stakeholders including employees, clients, suppliers and regulators.

  • Operating in a 100% paper free environment.

  • Considering environmental aspects within our design and delivery processes and minimising energy and petrol usage.

  • Aiming for zero customer complaints.

  • Increasing efficiency and productivity with a stable workforce.

  • Providing a trouble-free and transparent implementation, delivery and reporting process that the client is able to review at any time.                           


This policy is not in any way restricted, it is displayed around the company site and is available to all interested parties.

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