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Business English has been a big issue for many years inside of Deloitte Italy and we tried many different language companies without getting good results. We chose TLG because we have been impressed by the professionalism of their trainers and the innovative nature of their approach, which is unique in the marketplace. Over the last 8 years many Deloitte professionals have attended TLG courses and our business with foreign companies has more than tripled. TLG is not only a partner, TLG is now part of the Deloitte value chain.

Alessandro Mercuri
Equity Partner, Deloitte Consulting Italy

TLG is not about "learning a language." It's about effective communication: adopting Anglo-Saxon culture, style, and behavior.

It's a real life experience.

Our meetings are about my transition as an Italian English speaker to a more natural English communicator.

Courses are not focused on the academic level of our staff, but on the real, everyday needs of our people, depending on the level of international exposure within the organization.

Antonio Solinas
Function Leader of Financial Advisory, Deloitte Italy

TLG is always professional, reliable, and precise. Absolute flexibility in terms of lesson scheduling, which is part of the Master Program, is a huge plus.

I appreciate that courses are always tailored to the skills, level, and ability of every student: TLG continues to involve both junior and senior staff with the same passion and dedication. This approach makes learning not only possible, but also enjoyable.

Luca Insabato
Partner, Triberti, Colombo & Associati
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