Quality and Environmental opolicy

TLG will ensure the understanding of current and future client needs and expectations through leadership, the involvement of employees and suppliers and a mutually beneficial relationship with the client.

Prior to accepting an assignment, management, employees and suppliers, will determine the stated and implied needs of the client. Several key factors are important when selecting partners both clients, employees and suppliers: Location (transfer costs and environmental impact), Willingness to work paper free, shared values. TLG will evaluate the values of the client and ensure they are in line with TLG’s. This includes specifically, but not limited to, sustainability.

The implementation procedures and resources will also be continually evaluated to ensure the client derives the expected level of service and that the benefits of TLG’s services are maximised for the client. In saying this, TLG’s values and environmental policy will not be jeopardised for client benefit.

TLG’s objectives are:

  1. To encourage clients, employees and suppliers to personally take on the same goals and values, specifically in relation to our greenification policies.
  2. To be the leader in digital English Language training.
  3. To have valued and results based success in everything we do.

The TLG Client Focus Policy aims to ensure that:

The Client will receive the level and quality of service it expects.

The Client is included in all design and strategic decisions relating to the service,

The Client is freed from the specific management and operational decisions that need to be made on a day to day basis to effect the service.

The Client is provided with a trouble free transparent implementation, delivery and reporting process that the client is able to review at any time.

The Client can be assured that TLG does everything in their power to uphold their commitment to not use paper and to make decisions which have the best interest of the environment in mind. In this way TLG will safeguard the environment.

The Client can be assured that TLG will satisfy the legislative compliance obligation.

TLG is committed to:

Conducting regular management reviews to ensure we are reviewing objectives and targets and continually improving the effectiveness and performance of our Management System.

Maintaining our Quality and Environmental Management System and complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Being at the forefront of new and innovative training philosophies.

Being proactive about our environmental activities, encouraging collaboration with all stakeholders including employees, clients, suppliers and regulators.

Operating in a 100% paper free environment.

Considering environmental aspects within our design and delivery processes and minimising energy and petrol usage.

Aiming for zero customer complaints.

Increasing efficiency and productivity with a stable workforce.

TLG’s Client Policy will be delivered by the following strategies:

The Client will be contacted immediately if issues or questions are detected that are outside the scope of TLG’s agreed responsibility.

The Client will not be contacted in relation to issues or questions that are within TLG’s agreed area of responsibility.

The client will be informed if TLG varies the process and service design to enhance the service.

This policy is not in any way restricted, it is displayed around the company site and is available to all interested parties.