More than the sum of its parts

We believe strongly in the importance of teamwork and reciprocal cross-fertilisation

Each member of the TLG team has a wealth of specific skills, expertise and knowledge, the result of continuing education, previous work experience and strong personal interests

Each member of our team brings added value, but it is through collaboration and communication that we are able to achieve our shared goals.

How do we help you achieve your business goals?

Our team is made up of professionals with strong academic and professional backgrounds in finance, insurance, banking and more. Each TLG member has completed advanced academic studies and has prior work experience in these industries. 

This means we have real knowledge of practices and procedures in these spheres, as well as a thorough understanding of market processes and trends.

Not only native speakers

We are here to help you improve your effectiveness in all aspects of your work that require the use of English. Our TLG team is made up of a wide range of professionals including account managers, trainers, translators, interpreters, writers, editors, psychologists and coaches

Our Reflex Learning method  adopts an interdisciplinary approach that draws on fields like coaching, psychology and mindfulness to provide you with all the support and assistance you need to achieve real business results and address multiple situations.

  • ● Our account managers are on hand to listen to your business needs and work with you to design the solution that best suits your requirements. 
  • ● Our trainers will help you improve your language and communication skills in English and beyond. 
  • ● Our translators and interpreters can help you with everything from translating documents to attending international meetings. 
  • ● Our writers and editors are ready to work with you to produce high-quality texts directly in English and proofread your writing to ensure accuracy and clarity. 
  • ● Our psychologists and coaches can provide psychological and motivational support to assist you with the challenges of working in an international environment. 

What unites us?

A single shared method

Ongoing training for trainers on the same platform used for our clients’ training.

English native speakers

We come from different countries and backgrounds, so we can prepare you for any international working scenario.


Advanced academic backgrounds and prior work experience in leadership roles in the industries in which we operate.


Passion for teaching and client-centred coaching. 

Digital and paperless vocation

In every aspect of our work we are committed to being green friendly and cutting our environmental footprint as much as possible.

Our Team


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