As safe as a house, as intuitive as a game and as customisable as a piece of handicraft.

At TLG, we have developed a platform for learning based on AI. Advanced technology and an intuitive and versatile user interface make it easy to roll out corporate training programmes. 

Our TLG digital platform is the ultimate expression of our method. 

It is how we can guarantee we are always there for you—the result of more than a decade of development.

What makes us different from other e-learning platforms?

Our digital platform is the only one overseen and delivered by TLG trainers themselves. 

The key benefit is that our trainers can customise learning pathways for their students and constantly monitor their progress. Through this, we constantly have a clear and accurate picture of your learning progress.

This is in stark contrast to the majority of other platforms on the market, which are typically used by students in complete autonomy, meaning that all content is entirely standardised and there is no room for flexibility.

Find everything in one environment

All our programmes are entirely managed and delivered using our platform. Even the lessons via video-conference use this environment. No other equipment is needed. Students can access the video conferencing system called “Video Booth” by clicking directly on the icon.

The platform allows complete timetable flexibility without having to change the programme. 

How many times during your course have you been forced to miss a class and not known when or how it will be made up? 

This never happens at TLG. As a result, we are the only company in the market that can deliver a large number of training hours for the same learning pathway at the same time. 

Every year, hundreds of students complete their own learning pathway, structured around topics co-designed with their company, with the same goals and results. Each student completes the learning pathway individually and at their own pace, but the company is assured that the methodology used is the same for everyone. 

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Designed around business objectives

Each company has a specific e-learning platform for the desired learning pathway.


Adaptable for any field

It is already widely used in the banking, biomedical, software and financial services industries.

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Fully customisable

From logo to graphic style and content, to recreate the corporate environment online.

Platforms for whitelabel business training

Personalized user experience

Once you have set up your profile, the platform will invite you to access specific content such as:

    • The Grid: an environment in which you can find everything you need. It is the perfect social network that your team has always been missing. 
    • Geek Button, an area with tests – challenging individual tests – that trainers have prepared for you. 
    • Grammar manual: an up-to-date manual on English grammar at your fingertips. 
    • Lingo learner: cultural insight into the English-speaking countries from which the TLG trainers overseeing the platform come. 
  • Workplace Habits: to learn more about the habits, customs and traditions of the countries you will be working with.
  • Assessment Tool: our B2B tools include a tool to measure the English level of your company teams. Our digital assessments give companies objective data for making informed decisions about HR and training.

Numerous high-quality services

  • ●Concierge services, such as flexible booking of your session with the trainer and performance tracking, that ensure constant guidance and support from our team, never leaving you to make it up on your own.
    During your learning pathway, you will be guided by our coaches who will provide constant feedback and touchpoints to improve your language skills.
    The session plan shows you the learning pathway you have completed thus far, and the course programme provides a detailed roadmap so you know exactly what lies ahead.
    Our method is based on repetition: each skill is divided into four sections which must be completed to show that the required competency has been fully achieved.

We do not simply deliver content, but facilitate learning so as to develop autonomy and elasticity in the use of English. As such, the trainer will assess your performance and assign you a rating, but you too will assess how well prepared you are.

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