Precision defines us. Success inspires us. Passion drives us.

At TLG, we guide businesses through transition, helping them to implement changes that matter to their clients.  You may find it helpful to have us on your side: 

● To bring renewed focus and unity to working groups
● To improve communication to inspire others and win them over
● To drive innovation, sustainability and positive change within organisations
● To improve teamwork, leadership and communication skills
● To help senior leaders and managers improve their business skills so that your company can easily compete internationally.

Our values

Quality and expertise

Only experts can make the difficult seem simple. Our job is to be translators on this front as well. We translate business targets into action through a patented method, a skilled team, innovative learning materials, flexibility and a variety of activities.

Results focused

The world of education is muddied by hyperbole and unrealistic promises. We get rid of superstructures and value clarity above all. Companies turn to us to work and achieve concrete goals, so we don’t want any distractions. We are focused.

Flexibility and adaptability

We are committed to listening, understanding fears and pain points, and working together to find ways to overcome these. We are professionals who understand the professional challenges and ambitions of our clients. We treat your business as if it were our own.

Pragmatism and integrity

We focus on methods and strategies that can be adopted directly by companies and that deliver tangible, measurable results for language improvement.

Studying English and using English are not the same thing

While there are millions of schools that focus on teaching English – from grammar to speaking – at TLG we offer a practical, focused approach to using English in the workplace. 

From the very first moment, we provide the tools needed to communicate effectively in English, helping companies truly harness the power of language to achieve their business goals.

Learning pathways, not just courses

At TLG we do not offer simple packages of hours of lessons.  

Instead, we offer our bespoke consultancy services to create customised learning pathways that truly meet business needs. Such an approach underpins our capacity to provide a highly targeted and valuable service.

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Developing a learning pathway: step by step

We truly understand that every company has unique needs.
As such, every learning pathway offered by TLG is unique and customised. 

A one-size-fits-all solution is simply not part of our vocabulary as we recognise that every company and every individual has specific needs that we need to analyse.


Analysis of targets

We start by analysing a company’s needs so we can understand its objectives, the challenges it faces and the spheres in which it needs to express itself effectively in English. 

Once this needs analysis is complete, we meet with senior leaders to define their personal targets and understand how these relate to business objectives. 

Such an approach ensures we can create tailored learning pathways that help leaders and their teams achieve their goals, using specific outcome indicators and customised evaluation KPIs.


Definition of the time frame for implementation

To ensure the best possible outcome, our planning factors in both the short and medium to long term. 

For the short term, we define a specific deadline for achieving clearly defined goals related to a single skill. As such, we can focus our efforts on a specific skill and achieve a concrete result in the shortest possible time.  

We do not offer a generic approach to English, but focus on specific professional and workplace skills. This might include, for example, the use of industry-specific terminology, the ability to write and read business documents, mastering oral communication for presentations and job interviews, understanding technical and specialised language, etc.

Our bespoke approach is tailored to the specific needs of your business and team to ensure a lasting and successful outcome.


Co-Design and Assessment

Depending on how aware the company is of the language skills of its staff, an initial assessment may or may not be necessary. 

We use a combination of tools and methods, including the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) and our own proprietary ICT tools, to objectively assess language skills. 

Mapping the level of team members

Our Eaquals accredited platform makes it simple to do the assessment

This approach ensures we can provide the company with accurate and reliable data that can be used to make informed HR and training decisions.


The training: active coaching

Using English effectively requires a solid knowledge of basic grammar, acquired at school. From this solid foundation, our tailored approach focuses on building the specific skills necessary for a specific business or job so the staff member in question can communicate confidently and effectively at work.

When comparing face-to-face and online courses, our experience shows that the best way to learn a language is actually online. Our focus and time management are what make our online courses highly effective.

We use a customised online platform to deliver our training, but the true value of our service lies in the quality of the teachers who use this platform.  

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Our guarantee of measurable results

We are experts at what we do. Our experience and methodology have an immediate and positive impact on people and your business.

How is commitment measured?

Our consultancy, translation services and ICT infrastructure help companies work more effectively in English and ensure a return on investment in the following ways: 

● Optimising training time

● Reducing costs

● Increasing the number of learning pathways completed

● Maximising the number of hours spent learning a particular skill

● Increasing business turnover through using English

Professionals trained using TLG learning pathways have a significant impact on businesses.

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The industries in which our clients operate:

Banking and financial industry
Healthcare and Pharma industry
ICT and technology industry
Energy industry
Banking and financial industry
Healthcare and Pharma industry
ICT and technology industry
Energy industry


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